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Quick Tips

  • Help the worm get to the bottom by making words before the dynamite explodes!  

  • Choose letters to make your word.  They do NOT have to be next to each other.  

  • When you make a valid word it will turn green in the word bar at the bottom of the screen.  Tap the bar to submit the word. 

  • Invalid words appear red in the word bar. 

  • To clear an invalid word and start a new word, click the word bar when it's red.

  • The more points you get the more stars you'll earn.

  • Keep an eye on the wick which is shown on the right side of your screen!  It's game over if the wick reaches the bottom before the worm. 

  • 3 letter words are limited, use them wisely. Watch the dots on the bottom dashboard to see how many you have left. 

  • Use all of the "Gem Tiles" in every level to unlock a bonus level!

  • Drag bombs onto letters if you need help clearing the way. 

  • Earn more bombs by using 'bomb tiles' in a word. 

  • Guide the worm to the Worm Holes in order to progress through some levels.

  • Proper nouns such as names of people, places, etc. will not be accepted as valid game words.

Detailed Instructions


The objective in Word Wow Seasons is to clear a path for the worm to reach the bottom of the screen.  As you make words, the letter blocks disappear creating an open path for Worm. 

How to Make Words

Just start tapping letters!  You can choose any letter on the screen to make words.  They do not need to be next to each other...if you can see the letter, you can use it. Keep in mind that the Word Wow Seasons dictionary is based on the Scrabble dictionary. Words that are hyphenated, capitalized (proper nouns including names and places), or apostrophized are not allowed.  Your letters will appear on the submit bar on the bottom dashboard.  Incomplete and invalid words will appear red.  You can clear a misspelled or invalid word by tapping the submit bar.  Valid words will appear green.  Submit them by tapping the submit bar. Tip: In French all accents have been removed for ease of play. 


Each level has hidden gems!  There is at least one gem FRAGMENT in each level. You need to collect all the Gem Fragments on a level to earn the full GEM.   You will need to find and use the gem fragment tiles in a word in order to collect them.  When you earn a gem fragment by making a word, you still have to complete the level to keep it.  If you fail then the gem fragment will still be available the next time you play the level for you to try again.   


If you collect all gems, on all levels, in any given world you will unlock a secret bonus level!  

Gem Tile


You have the opportunity to earn up to 3 stars on each level.  Stars are optional and not required to advance to the next level. Earning stars is done by making longer words with rare letters (Q, X, Z etc.) or by making words in rapid succession.  If you continuously make words quickly you can increase the multiplier up to 10X.  This is a really fast way of earning "star points"!  See the "Scoring" section below for more detailed scoring information.


The wick is your timer during game play.  You will find it on the right side of the play screen.  The wick ignites when you start the level.  If the wick reaches the ground before the worm, it's game over.  If you beat the wick to the bottom you win!  


Booster bombs are used to blast away letters helping to clear a path for the worm. They appear on the bottom right, in the dashboard.  If you need some help, drag a bomb onto the screen and release it on top of the letters you'd like to destroy. You'll start off the game with a few bombs to try and can earn additional bombs by using a bomb tile in a word. Bomb tiles have a small black bomb in the upper right-hand corner. You may also purchase additional bombs from the pause menu.

Bomb tile

Using these tiles in a word will add 1 bomb to your inventory that you can use at any time.

Shuffle Booster

If you want to change the letters on the screen, drag one of these shuffles onto the tiles and release.   This will exchange all of the visible letter tiles with new letters.   Tiles that have vines on them will not be shuffled.


Shuffle tile

Using these tiles in a word will add 1 shuffle to your inventory that you can use at any time.


3 Letter Words

There are a limited number of 3 letter words that you are allowed to make on each level, so use them wisely!  They are represented by the dots on your bottom dashboard. Each dot allows you to make one 3 letter word. If you run out of 3 letter words, the game will no longer accept them and you'll have to make longer words to finish that level. 

Use this to earn an addition 3 letter word

WORD WOW Scoring

Scoring is based on the letters used, and the length of the word.   Words longer than 9 letters earn a bonus 5,000 points for ecah letter over 9.   For example, a 15 letter word would be worth 30,000 bonus points (given at the end of the level).


 1 point for A, E, I, O, U, L, N, R, S, T 

 2 points for D, G

 3 points for B, C, M, P

 4 points for F, H, W, Y, V

 5 points for K

 8 points for J, X

10 points for Q, Z


For words longer than 3 letters you'll earn more points.  


4 letter words = 2x

5 letter words = 3x

6 letter words = 4x


15 letter words = 13x

Vine Obstacles

Some tiles have vines on top of them.   You must use these tiles twice in order to remove them from the board.   


Bonus Levels

There are bonus levels at the end of each world in Word Wow Seasons. After collecting all gems in each world a bonus level will become available on the level screen. Click to open the bonus levels and get ready for a challenge! 

Difficulty Setting

There are 3 difficulty settings available.  The default mode is "normal".  You can change the difficulty setting by navigating to the main screen and selecting the "options" button.  


  • More 3 letter words allowed on each level

  • Less points required for 3 stars


  • 15% scoring bonus 

  • Less 3 letter words allowed on each level

  • More points required for 3 stars


Word Wow Seasons tracks and displays your ranking among all players around the globe (including those playing on Apple, Google Play, Amazon and Mac OSX).  Your level ranking can be found on the level complete screen. Your overall "whole game" ranking is shown on the world selection screen which also displays your "whole game" score.  The "whole game" ranking is based on your score from all of the levels added together.  Players that are farther in the game and completed more levels will of course have a higher ranking.  Tip: Completing the bonus levels will greatly increase your ranking!


Play against your friends and see who dominates! On the opening screen in Word Wow Seasons you will find a "Save your Progress" button.  In there you will find the Facebook Login button.  This will allow you to link up with your friends and compete for best score.  We do not collect or use any of your Facebook information, nor do we have access to post on your wall. 


Remove Ads: This in-app purchase will remove all ads from the game.

Bombs : You may purchase additional Bombs at any time. There are several packages to choose from with discounts applied to volume bundles. Purchased Bombs will not disappear until you use them (ie. if you shut down the game you will not lose any items purchased).

Synchronizing Multiple Devices

If you would like to play Word Wow Seasons on more than one device (or if you get a new device) then you can synchronize your game progress to a second or more devices.    On the title screen of the game there is a "Save your Progress" button which will allow you to login with Google, Facebook or Amazon (Amazon only on Android devices).    Doing so will allow you to access your game progress from any other device that you login with in the same way.   

Note : We do not store your login or passwords and this is a completely secure way of preserving your game data.


We love hearing your feedback! There are a few ways to send us messages.


If possible, please send us messages through the app. This way we will know which version of the game you are playing and be able to help you faster. Go to the main screen and choose the options button (it looks like a gear), there is a link to leave feedback.


You can also go to our website and go to the contact us page.

You can also email us directly at


If you have a moment please rate our app!  The success of a mobile game relies heavily on ratings.  Great ratings means more players...allowing us to create more levels and new games!  Navigate to the main screen and choose the options button.  In there you will see a link to rate the game.  You can also rate any of the Word Wow games directly in Apple and Mac App Stores, Google Play or Amazon App store online.


Vine obstacle

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