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***** (5/5) "Word Wow is an explosion of thought-provoking, perplexing, and thrilling fun for almost all ages." - AppAdvice

Word Wow will sharpen your brain as well as your reflexes. Help a worm out! 
Make words to dig deep into the ground...your worm will follow until you guide him to the bottom before time runs out. You need to be able to make words quickly to string together bonuses, as well as just to clear the path.

If your worm gets stuck and you can't come up with any words, use a bomb to clear some of the tiles. You have a limited number of bombs, but can earn more as you make more words. As the worm moves down the board, more letters become available.

Some levels have a hidden gem behind one of the tiles, and if you can find all the gems in all the levels of a world, a bonus level is opened where you can really rack up the points!


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