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Battle the fox...rule the board!


"Addictive and FUN...I can't wait to play when I get home from work" - Eric

It's a battle to beat Foxy in Words with Foxy. Find and make words to own the board!


To win you must capture more tiles than Foxy...and he's pretty sly! In fact, his letter thieving skills are superb. So think strategically and find the longest words you can. Don't be shy to retaliate by stealing his tiles along the way. Use booster tiles to earn rockets and shuffles, you'll need them to level the playing field as Foxy steps up his game.


Fight to own the Gold Tile in each level! Find them all and unlock secret bonus levels, only intended for the very best players. 


Words with Foxy will sharpen your brain and get you thinking like a fox!

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