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"Awesome game!! Keeps my brain sharp" - Joanna

*** 5 million players have now joined the Word Wow community. Thank you for your support!


The worm is back for another adventure and this time the race has moved to the city.


Challenge your word making skills to help navigate the worm down buildings of death defying heights. Puzzle your way down and around obstacles, before time runs out.


Think strategically to earn bonus points and stars. Your live worldwide rank will be revealed at the end of each level.


You'll be equipped with letter-clearing bombs along the way, but be sure to earn more to use in a pinch.


Collect all of the hidden gems to unlock secret bonus levels where you can really rack up the points!


The bigger the word, the more points you'll earn. Try and make enough points in each level to earn all three stars.


Word Wow BIG CITY will sharpen your brain as well as your reflexes. Help a worm out!


• Leave the dirt behind, there are buildings to climb!

• Tons of challenging levels to hone your word making skills and sharpen your brain.

• Adorable character and bright, colorful graphics transport you to the city.

• Lots of hidden bonus levels for those that are dedicated.

• Earn boosters along the way.

• Live Ranking for each level among other Word Wow BIG CITY Players.

• Daily bonuses to help you when you need it.

“Love this game! Being 60 years old it really keeps my mind sharp” - Frances

“Can't seem to stop playing. One of the best word games so far.” - Jamie

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