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WORD WOW Scoring

Scoring in the Word Wow games is based on the letters used, and the length of the word.   


1 point for A, E, I, O, U, L, N, R, S, T 

2 points for D, G

3 points for B, C, M, P

4 points for F, H, W, Y, V

5 points for K

8 points for J, X

10 points for Q, Z


For words longer than 3 letters you will receive 2X,the points, a 4 letter word is X2, a 5 letter word is X3, a 6 letter word is X4, etc. Additionally, there is a multiplier for words made in rapid succession. That chain continues up to 10X and in Big City there is no limit to the chaining bonus.


It should be noted that the dictionary used is based on the official Scrabble dictionary which doesn't support proper nouns. Names of people and places etc. will not be accepted as valid game words.

Total Score

The total game score is made up from each levels score added together. You can see the world totals on the World Selection screen, which is a total of each level from that world.  



There are 3 stars on each level. Getting 3 stars is optional and not required to complete a level. Making longer words and using rare letters (eg. Q, Z, X, W) will help you earn 3 stars.  You can also earn "star points" by making words in rapid succession and increasing the multiplier.



On each level there can be one or more gem tiles. Collecting all of the gems is optional and not required to complete a level. You need to use each of these special tiles in a word in order to collect the gems for that level.  On the Level Selection screen you will see each level decorated with a gem icon indicating that you have found all the gems for that level.


Collecting all the gems for all the levels in a world, unlocks a hidden level (or levels for Big City) where you can earn even more points for your game total along with more bonus bombs and shuffles.

Difficulty Setting

Score is altered by the difficulty setting.

On Easy you will earn 10% less points.

On Hard you will earn 10% more points for each word made.

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